A Love Letter to My Crip Kin and A Calling In to Our Allies

Beloved kin and community, I am social media shy, but I am moved to speak. I know for many of us the anguish, rage and anxiety of yesterday was barely tenable as we awaited yet another vote on the Obamacare repeal that would have ended medicaid as we know it. The ‘repeal without replacement’ failed, 7 republicans opposed it.

I too felt this and I am with you. I will be with you and with us when the next bill is proposed that will threaten our lives, to resist it, and ensure that it fails and sinks back down into the depths of hell from which it came.

I am not even a person who believes in ‘hell’ but I do believe there are those, many of whom who now hold State power that would turn our world completely into the hell of their imaginations if we let them. But we are not letting them – all across the globe we are refusing. Our authority to claim who we are and who we can become – from the compound kaleidoscope eyes of collective liberation – is unwavering.

To my Crip Kin I say thank Creator for You. Thank Creator for You. And again, thank Creator for You. You have held me in my wholeness, witnessed me, taught me, saved my life, and we keep surviving and thriving and we are miraculous and exactly who the world needs.

It is in this spirit that I am calling in all of our allies, all our kin and beloved community, to join with us in demanding and co-creating Disability Justice.

Now is the time. Now is the time. If there was ever a time. . .now is the time, for at no other time in US history outside of the height of the Eugenics movement have people with disabilities, especially our kin of color, our kin who are immigrants, our poor, trans, and gender non-binary kin, been so in danger of massive forced re-institutionalization – yet another tentacle of the monster of the carceral continuum that haunts our society – or demise from greed, neglect, and genocidal white supremacist heteropatriarchal ableism. (It is a mouthful but it is what weighs upon our communities every moment of our lives).

We need you now and you need us, because ableism has taught us to value mastery of interdependence, a set of skills and capacities we need to transform and supplant capitalism and the pernicious settler-colonialist myths of ‘independence’ and rugged individualism which uphold it.

These are not easy lessons for many of us to learn as the crushing weight of the shame of internalized ableism alone can be phenomenally isolating and paralyzing, to say nothing of the daily challenges and hardships stemming from the material impacts of white supremacist heteropatriarchal ableism.

Yet, I have experienced in my own life and over and over from my connections with the kin and leaders I hold dear, that when we live with disability in this society we learn from necessity – over and over – the dignity of our vulnerability and *this* is what makes connection, collaboration, solidarity and all creation possible. This is what we have to teach and so much more but our lessons have for too long gone unheard, not just by broader society but by our social justice movements as well. Hear us, see us, welcome us, honor what we have to teach, and help ensure that we continue to learn and live along side you for many decades to come as we fight for justice, collective liberation and the great vast irrefutable sacredness of the planet and All Life. I am in, with all the fight and revolutionary love my spirit and this little crip-canary body can muster. Are you?

Want to learn more about Disability Justice? Please read the amazing Disability Justice Primer written by a team of visionary DJ leaders from Sins Invalid. In these times, it is required reading!!