A Reading of My New Play, Chokehold at Cutting Ball Theater May 14th!

If you don’t already have it in your calendars, please pencil in the reading of my newest play ChokeholdMay 14th, 7pm-9pm, at Cutting Ball Theater!  The reading is directed by Addie Gorlin and is part of Cutting Ball’s In the Lab Project.  It’s also just a few days before my birthday, making Chokehold super-charged with creativity and specialness. Plus, juggling and live original music by composer and multi-instrumentalist Ofir Uziel! Come celebrate!

Chokehold Details
What: Reading of my newest full length play, Chokehold!
When: May 14th, 7pm-9pm
Where: Cutting Ball Theater, 277 Taylor Street, San Francisco, 94102

Chokehold Synopsis:
When Tal, a young man who was once (supposedly) a girl makes the tough choice to participate in a risky Palestine solidarity protest, he begins a journey for his life—to breathe or not to breathe, that is the question.

Part picaresque, part carnivalesque, and like its protagonist, not satisfied being just one thing, Chokehold is a neo-expressionist absurdist hero’s journey examining how to live ethically in an unjust world and other of life’s profoundest existentialist dilemmas which compel and confound us all. Featuring live and original music by Ofir Uziel.


Chokehold_eblast image_Matthew John Sigrist
by Matthew John Sigrist