Art + Alchemy of Healing

What I Believe

I believe we are living in the most difficult times humanity and the planet has faced. My work addresses trauma, chronic illness and disability from an intersectional social justice lens. I support people to cultivate the skills and access their inner knowing to heal trauma and live with increased dignity, self-love, and wholeness.

I believe that engaging in this crucial work has the power to propel us forward into the more just and sustainable world that we dream of and enables us to develop skills and practices to most fully embody this.  In this way,  actively engaging in our own healing is a means of ‘future self-ing’ which benefits us individually and collectively.

To me, we practice justice and generate abundance when we give ourselves the permission and resources to identify and clear internalized oppression and toxic privilege. These often reside in the body as shame, self-blame, self-contempt, self-rejection and/or physical pain and chronic illness.

Toxic exposures —  not just from the persistent structural violence of our social world, but from our environment, especially from rampant environmental pollution and environmental racism — play a huge and frighteningly under addressed role in pain, chronic illness and dis-ease.

My work takes this into account and I partner with people to identify the underlying causes of dis-ease which may be overlooked or de-legitimized by conventional medical doctors and address these needs to resolve symptoms and help you feel more whole, alive and empowered.

My Story

A few years ago, at just 37 years old, I was so incapacitated by pain that I could barely lift food into my mouth to eat. After over 10 years of extreme pain, digestive distress, and neurological symptoms — all of an unknown or unclear etiology (cause), I had reached a point where my pain and weakness was so extreme I was unable to handle even lightweight plastic utensils. Eating with my hands was also excruciating and nearly untenable. I couldn’t tie my shoes, lift my 4.75 pound therapy dog, or open doors.  Getting dressed often took me 30-40 minutes each day because the pain of moving was so intense I needed to stop for long periods to rest. Brushing my teeth or washing my face required what felt like Herculean effort. I was unable to leave my home more than 1-2 times per month.

As my pain continued to escalate without clear cause and my neurological symptoms of tremors, shaking and diminishing muscle control also worsened, I began to believe that it would be impossible for anyone to live very long under these conditions. I began to resign myself to the belief that I was quite possibly dying.

However, amid my suffering, confusion and fear, two truths became apparent and abiding for me: 1) I am more than my body, because if I were just my body, I would have perished long ago, and 2) that being born and being who I am is such a fantastic miracle and statistical feat — 1 in 400,000,000,000 in fact — that as all beings alive in these times, I must be here for a purpose and that purpose must be beautiful and important just as that of all living beings.

I began to come into my authority to claim that if I could make sense of my suffering, use my tenacious curiosity and determination to learn, study and understand enough to solve the mystery of my dis-ease, than my recovery could be of great benefit to others. So I persevered, and I did what was profoundly difficult as a trauma survivor and someone silenced and immobilized by shame, ableism and internalized ableism — I reached out for help.

Wounded Healer, survivor of radiation poisoning and intergenerational survivor of medical torture, overcame the suicide disease — gave me the gift of enormous sensitivity to complement the deep empathy with which I came into the world and I have the profound and life changing honor of being able to use this sensitivity, wisdom and knowledge to be of service to others and enable them to learn how to steward their own healing journey and become spiritual alchemists in their own right

Much of my research and teaching in Critical Science, Technology & Medicine Studies, including my work in trauma and intergenerational trauma, explores the way power circulates in our society — often invisibly — and especially in medical and scientific institutions. The way this power exerts its force profoundly affects how we understand and define health, experience our bodies and perhaps even our humanity.

Empowering people to learn — or more specifically to remember — that we all possess a remarkable capacity to heal ourselves, know ourselves, and be the ultimate authority in knowing our bodies, needs and highest and best purpose is a huge part of my work as an educator, integrative healer and advocate. I believe the alchemy of healing is catalyzed by this learning.

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