Embodying Justice

Butterflies with chrysalis


Exploring social change and personal healing through contact improvisation and somatics.


This afternoon intensive will use contact improv, somatic techniques, lessons in neurobiology and ritual to explore how oppression resides in our bodies and how it manifests in our interactions with one another, our communities, and the planet.  Using the practices above, participants will be guided in a supportive space to understand the complicated dance of internalizing or enacting oppression and to play, explore and discover how to transform these patterns and co-create justice and healing.


During this BodyEclectic workshop we will:

  • Co-create a safe, nourishing and non-judgmental space to play, explore and heal
  • Develop proficiency in somatic techniques such as grounding, tracking bodily sensations and split attention tracking
  • ‘Hack’ our neurobiology by learning about the body’s fight/flight/freeze responses, parasympathetic nervous system engagement/disengagement, and affect states (emotions)
  • Discover how your sensations relate to neurobiological shifts in your body, how your neurobiology relates to how you feel, and how you feel affects how you can connect to others
  • Learn about the neurobiology of touch
  • Learn how to shift the body’s neurobiology individually and in a group through tricks, shifts in attention, and state-based work with movement
  • Create rituals which contribute to a culture of social justice and healing

Saturday, January 24th, 1-5pm, Subterranean Art House, $40-$60

Facilitated by Mordecai Cohen Ettinger, MA and Jote Mahern

Enroll at Embodying Justice on Facebook! Or Village Craft

No prior dance or somatics experience necessary!