Somatics for Social Justice: Embody the Change!

Butterflies with chrysalis

About the Workshop

The Somatics and Social Justice Workshop provides participants with an overview of: 1) somatic practices, how they ‘work,’ and what they are good for, and 2) the neurobiology and neurophysiology of stress responses and also of empathy, connection solidarity, and the social nervous system. Spoiler alert — the same neuro-anatomy and processes control all of these aspects of being, wow!

Through discussion and experiential exercises participants will learn somatic techniques for being and becoming the embryos of the better world we dream of creating. Participants will be invited to carry these practices into their lives however they wish to help to align with their personal goals for healing and social justice values.

This Workshop’s for you if:

  • You are interested in learning practices to embody the change you want to see in the world
  • You love science and want to geek out
  • You hate science and want to re-claim it as a tool for healing and justice
  • You want to build community in which to co-create transformative healing practices
  • If you want to feel better!

All are welcome, especially beginners!!

When: Thursday, December, 4th, 7- 9 pm at Take 5 Cafe’ and Gallery

Thursday, December, 18th, 7 -9 pm, at the Orange Castle in South Berkeley (address provided to those who enroll)

Cost: $20, No one turned away!

Enroll: at Village Craft

Questions: Contact me at:

What’s Somatics

Grounded in the belief that the body in its wholeness is the foundation for healing, somatic practices combine body awareness techniques with cutting-edge findings in neurobiology and neurophysiology. These practices work to support and enhance the body’s innate self-regulatory and resilience-building capacities. Used with focused intention, these practices can also lead to deeper insight about who we are, the world as a whole, and how we wish to inhabit it.