Towards a New Ecology of Justice — Thesis (2007)

Towards a New Ecology of Justice: Discovering the Transformative and Emancipatory Potential of Healing Trauma

This research explores the neurobiology of trauma as it relates to change in complex systems, social change, and eco-systemic models of resilience.

First defined in 1866 by biologist Ernest Haeckel, ecology is “the science of the relations between the organism and the surrounding outer world,” (Capra, 1996, p.33).  Eco-socialist, Joel Kovel (2002), defines ecology as “the study of internal relations” (p.11).  Towards a New Ecology of Justice is a study of the internal relations of justice, integrating social theory and neuroscience to explore how humankind’s legacy of societal trauma and structural oppression impinges upon a collective capacity to create new, non-oppressive, just alternatives.

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